Is creative success in the entertainment industry due to hard work? Schmoozing? Random moments of serendipity? Do you have to know a guy who knows a guy or is a great idea the best calling card? HUSSLUP Founder and CEO H Schuster chats with showrunners, directors, writers, executives, and other talented people working in the entertainment industry about their big break moments. Each episode is driven by conversations and anecdotes about how these talented people got their start, and what they have done to fast forward their creative careers. Guests include World of Wonder Co-Founder and Co-CEO Fenton Bailey, TV writer and showrunner Sarah Goldfinger, Sony Pictures Television President of Nonfiction Eli Holzman, film producer Monica Levinson, Head of Content at Roku David Eilenberg, and 44 Blue Co-Founder and Co-CEO Stephanie Noonan Drachkovitch.

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