Scripted, Television

Ep 103: You Can Write Your Way Out of Anything. And join HUSSLUP, duh.

In this episode, I break it down with my longtime friend Sarah Goldfinger, an Emmy-winning TV writer, producer, and showrunner. Recently, she executive produced Trinkets and Partner Track for Netflix. Previously, she wrote and produced Jane the Virgin, Parenthood, Brothers and Sisters, Hawaii 5-O, Charmed, Grimm, and CSI among others.

Join us as Sarah and I talk about moving to LA with a one-way ticket, the value of becoming a writers assistant, and the TV development process. From the early days of CSI to showrunning Trinkets, we discuss Must See TV, checking the lunch order, writing crossword puzzle television, the year round staffing season, and being pigeonholed. And we explore Sarah’s advice: “You can write your way out of anything.”