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Ep 107: Don’t let go of that passion. There is plenty of time to do something you hate.

In this episode, I break it down with Todd Milliner, an Emmy Award-winning writer and producer who co-founded Hazy Mills Productions with Sean Hayes. Todd has produced over 400 hours of television, two dozen stage productions, and a feature film. His TV credits include NBC’s “Grimm” and “Hollywood Game Night,” “Hot in Cleveland,” and Netflix’s “Q Force.” In his spare time, Todd just wrote his first YA novel titled “Time Out” that hits shelves this May.

Join us, as Todd and I talk about performing at the Second City Theatre in Chicago, partnering with Sean Hayes to form Hazy Mills Productions, thinking up “Grimm” in the shower, and producing TV with diverse characters. From auditioning for “Talk Soup” to producing Doug Wright’s new play “Goodnight, Oscar,” which just opened on Broadway starring Sean Hayes, Todd and I discuss his favorite Betty White stories, how to form a great partnership, and his words to live by: “Don’t let go of that passion because there is plenty of time to do something you hate!”