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Ep 106: Don’t Feel Like an Imposter. You Are at the Table.

In this episode, I break it down with diversity advocate Effie T. Brown, who is CEO of Gamechanger Films and an accomplished producer. Effie is known for her work on “The Inspection,” “Dear White People,” “Project Greenlight,” “Real Women Have Curves,” and Lee Daniel’s Fox series “Star.” 

Join us, as Effie and I talk about producing inclusive stories, lifting up other diverse producers, working with talented filmmakers like Elegance Bratton and Justin Simien, and her “deathbed movies.” From participating in Film Independent’s Project:Involve and working with Tim Burton, to running Gamechanger Films and chairing the Academy Museum’s Inclusion Committee, Effie and I discuss being Oprah Winfrey’s and Jerry Bruckheimer’s baby, the Thunderdome Hustle of a producer, and her sage advice: “Don’t feel like an Imposter. You are at the table.”